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Charles Burdick's 1890 Patent

(Click on the picture below to see the full size patent drawing. I've cleaned them up and converted them to the .GIF format. WARNING, they are 80kb+ files and are a slow download but worth it. Opens in a new window!)

Charles Burdick's filed for this patent (his first?) on November 15, 1889 for a"paint distributer" and it was issued August 12, 1890. This patent is for an external mix airbrush that uses two small triangular metal pieces attached to the paint cup(Fig. 8) to form a nib similar to ruling pen. These hold the paint in front of a nozzle and when the trigger is pressed, the paint is "carried forward in a fine spray." The trigger ca be pushed forward or back to vary the the space in the nib thereby controlling the width of the spray.

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